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Tools for pushing and pulling

A tool for pushing and pulling

Jakki is a versatile tool desinged to suit to needs of a plate fitter. Due to its design, light weight and simple construction Jakki is very handy when working in restricted spaces or when working alone. The main application of Jakki is fitting of bulkheads and frames in hull construction. Capacity 10 / 12 tonnes.

Jakki 1A: Max. force 10 t, stroke 100 mm
Jakki 1B: Max force 12 t, stroke 200 mm


Jakki-animation in YouTube

A 20 tonnes pullingtool

Superjakki is a heavy duty tool for producing pulling forces up to 20 tonnes in installation work. Typical application in ship building is e.g. joining of hull sections. Max allowed pushing force is 5 tonnes.


Superjakki animation

Pulling device for hull section joining

Pulldog is a tool for converting the pushing force of a standard jack into a pulling force. All standard jacks, such as Osakajack, Holmatro, Atico etc. can be used in Pulldog. The recommended max. capacity is 25 tonnes. Pulldog can even be used with a suitable hydraulic cylinder.