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Other products

For 3 t chain block. Protects the hook of the chain block from bending.

Turnbuckle for lashing of deck cargo.



This machine is designed to bend “alligator mouth” cut-outs of bulb flats (i.e. Holland Profiles). Use for other purposes is prohibited.



Used to pull down the T-beams on deck plate.




Bulkhead Stanchion is adjustable support for aligning the bulkheads vertically before welding. The screw clamps are safely attached to stiffeners. Welding of scrap bars for support and grinding afterwards can be avoided by using Bulkhead Stanchions.

Bulkhead Stanchion -brochure



The Craftmer Bulkhead Hook is engaged with the upper edge of the bulkhead from the floor or deck level without a need to climb on a ladder. Thus the safety is enhanced considerably!

Bulkhead Hook -brochure