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Lifting appliances for profiles

A lifting appliance for holland profiles

Profilock is a lifting appliance designed exclusively for holland profiles, i.e. it shall not be used for lifting other sections or plates. The max. safe working load in crane work is SWL = 3 tonnes, max. angle 30 degree. In case lifting angle exceeds 30 degree, max. SWL = 1,5 tonnes.

Gripper for holland profiles

Tarra is light and handy tool for attaching e.g. a chain block quickly to a bulb flat without a need to weld an eye piece. Gripping is based on wedging effect, which causes Tarra to clamp firmly on the bulb flat under pull from the eye. It is not allowed to use Tarra in lifting applications. Due to the innovative design and special material the safety factor against break is five. Tarra is available in three sizes with capacities 1.5, 3.0 and 5.0 tonnes for bulb sizes 100...430 mm.


SWL 5,0 ton.

For bulb flats 100...260 mm.

Weight 12 kg.

HP Bulb Lifter is available left or right handed, depending on the location of the locking lever.